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10 Step Drawing: Animal - Top Ten Net gambling regular platform Malta

10 steps: Animals

Search Press

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Blank pages can be daunting, but 10 steps: Animals This provides an easy starting point for any doodler's creativity.

Illustrated tutorial, drawing 75 cute (and sometimes grumpy) looks!) creatures from exotic animals such as cheetahs and flamingos, Aquatic mammals and fish,Like a dolphin, Penguin and octopus, And furry friends in the family,Like cats, A dog and a horse,Each image is interesting,Easy to copy,Just ten easy steps, Just a pen and a piece of paper.

There are handy prompts at each stage to help the reader, rather than leaving them dry, prescriptive instructions, and each animal has its own unique character. 10 steps: Animals Would surely encourage even the most nervous amateur artist to dust off their pens and scribbles.

Other entries in the series: 10 steps: Flowers.

Table contents

Preparatory exam :5 pages
Introduction :2 pages
Drawings :120 pages
Index and acknowledgements :1pp