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O-Level Art (Age 13 +)- Level 1 (Unit 1)- Malta's Top 10 Online gambling platforms

O-Level Fine Art (Age 13 +)- Level 1 (Unit 1)

School of Art,Mosta

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The O-Level Top Ten Formal Online Gambling (Level 1) is designed for individuals who want to learn more basic art skills and eventually take the Matsec Art O-Level as a follow-up to their O-Level preparation. This course is based on the basic elements of art and provides the necessary tools for artistic expression. This is a basic course to lay the foundation for future study. It aims to develop skills and technical proficiency in the visual arts, with special emphasis on drawing and painting.

This course will also provide students with tutorials and practical exercises to develop and improve creative and artistic abilities, as well as explore a variety of media and investigate visual and other sources of information that can be used or related to art. It also provides basic critical and analytical tools to understand the nature of visual thinking, develop appropriate competencies, creative thinking, and relate artistic work to artists dealing with various problems and procedures.

O-Level (Level 1) offers different courses on all mediums and technologies.g. Pencil shading, from the point of view, still life and oil painting, watercolor painting, pen and ink, acrylic resin, etc.). All the necessary skills that may be required to take the Matsec Art O-Level examination will be covered throughout the course.

This course is Four modules Each person has 10 lessons. By completing all 4 modules, students will have the necessary foundation for entry into the School of Art's O-Level Art class Level 2(14 + years old). The four modules do not need to be studied in any particular order. 

  • Research methods: Once a week (2 hours per class)
  • Duration: 10课
  • :周四
  • Next start Date: January 2023 (Unit 1)
  • 要求: 14岁+ Art materials, students need to have basic knowledge of art before attending the course. If you are a beginner, ten big net gambling regular platform recommended Prepare for the o level course.
  • 包括: Hands-on teaching, individual attention, combination of practice and theory, course work guidance.
  • 认证: Students will be accredited if their completion rate reaches 80% Informal learning And give them an informal education form signed and sealed by the college.

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