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Caran D'Ache New Foundation Set

Caran D'Ache New Foundation Set

Caran. Caran

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NEOPASTEL® Color promises to meet the spontaneity and freedom needs of every pastel artist, novice or professional. High quality manufacturing process ensures softness of application.

Contents :12, 24, or 48 soft oil pens
Applications: Soft, luminous pastels with high pigment concentrations and covering textures allow you to apply a wide range of opaque and colorful materials, painting with strokes or color blocks, blending, in wash, in batik, stencil or brushed whitewash. The form and color of the medium will determine the final look of the piece. Can be used on almost any support (colored paper, tracing paper or glossy paper, canvas, wood, glass, leather), as well as dry primers such as ink, acrylic, water-based and oil-based paints.

Technical description:

  • Type: Super high quality oil paint
  • Water resistant, soft texture, not broken, soluble in white wine.
  • Highly concentrated pigment, excellent hiding power, luminous color and excellent light resistance.
  • Compatible with ASTM D4236
  • Technology: the infinite mixed, shadows, template, used for impregnation and shading, "fingerwork", on many media (paper), paper, canvas, etc.).