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Faber-castell Artist Quality Pete Pastel Pencil Set

Faber-castell Artist Quality Pete Pastel Pencil Set

Faber's name is Caster

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Pete's pastel pencils contain high levels of paint, but are free of wax and oil, and are perfect for using pastels to show detail. Like colored crayons, they can be easily applied to create fine color transitions and complement colored crayons perfectly. Only minimal fixing is required to ensure that the crayon drawing retains its vivid color.
  • Supreme quality Pete Pastel Artist pencil
  • Excellent light resistance and color brightness
  • No fat and no oil
  • Ideal for fine and fine detail
  • Can Derwent sharpen his pastel pencil sharpener
  • Available as a single pencil or in various combinations or 12,24,36 and 60