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Setacolor lighting Medium - 45ml - Top Ten gambling platform Malta

Setacolor Brightening Medium - 45ml


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Pebeos Setacolor Lightening Medium is used to create a lighter tone of the Setacolor color without weakening or diluting the color. But the Setacolor color, when used in conjunction with the lightning medium, slightly loses its opacity. Setacolor colors are water-based, concentrated, intense and vivid colors suitable for decoration in dark or light, thin or thick, natural or synthetic fibers. Fabric artists agree that these fresh, intense colors really go with everything. These ready-made colors can be diluted in plain or with water to get a watercolor look. All colors blend easily and provide excellent light resistance.



  • Quality: To make the color lighter without weakening or thinning the product.
  • Ten big network gambling regular platform: most fabrics.
  • Fix: Two possibilities. 1- Using an iron, set the cotton to steam free and wash on the wrong side of the fabric for 5 minutes. 2- Bake in a home oven at 150°C(300°F)(stable temperature) for 5 minutes.
  • Tool cleaning: Soap and water.