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Grey book, hardcover sketch book, A4


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This smooth sketch paper is perfect for using India ink, fountain pens and acrylic markers, and other water-based pens with little wear. Color in light gray, non-absorbentTen big network gambling regular platform很好.  Themes can be arranged from light to dark and accomplished by setting white accents.  

With its unobtrusive stature, the anthracite-colored lid provides the impression of precious wood, and it feels great to touch. Bound in layers, stitched, all pages secured, allowing the artist to work on both pages, through the middle seam.  A red bookmark ribbon completes the premium function. 

At 40/80 pages and 120g, if you're on the road or travelling, this grey book is light and light, making it an ideal companion. At the same time, it also provides sufficient reserves for many subjects. A4 size, acid free, long service life.