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Colorex Comic Kit, 10 colors x 20ml + 3 Pipettes - Top Ten Net Gambling regular platform Malta

Colorex Comic Kit, 10 colors x 20ml + 3 Pipettes


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The Colorex Comic set contains 10 specially selected colors.

Colorex is a dye-based "watercolor ink" that can either provide bright colors, opaque colors or can be diluted with water to achieve more delicate colors, much like watercolors.

Highly concentrated Colorex Brilliant Watercolor ink withstands severe dilution in water. Pure or diluted, it can be used with different tools: airbrush, brush, pen, etc. And variousTen big network gambling regular platform, such as paper, Bristol board and canvas board. Completely opaque white enhances the brightness of different colors and lets you extend the range to use pastels. 

Like all inks, Colorex is sensitive to ultraviolet light. To avoid excessive fading of color over time, illustrations can be protected with UV absorbent varnish. 

Due to the opacity of the color when undiluted, it can be used on darker paper with great results. Also suitable for dipping pens and quills used in calligraphy.

The bottle includes a dropper in the lid for convenient and cleaning applications.

Set includes -10 x 20ml colored ink, 02 White 59 Original Yellow 37 Vermilion 60 magenta 29 Purple 58 Cyan 45 Spring Green 26 Mars Orange 35 Raw Ziona and 23 Ivory Black. Also included are 3 plastic pipettes/droppers.