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J.Harbin glass pen & 6 Ink Gift Set - Top Ten online gambling platform Malta

J.Harbin glass pen & 6 Ink Gift set

J. Harbin City

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J.Harbin Brand, created in Paris in 1670, does your writing guarantee superior product quality. Found this magnificent box dedicated to writing! For all calligraphy lovers.

  • A balsa wood box covered with a clear slide lid allows you to see the product inside. Hot stamping (the printing process that allows metal embossed letters) of the Harbin brand on the side of the box for a beautiful finish.
  • Rediscover the joys of writing with a glass nib! Enjoy the unique glide and the unique buzz of the pen on the paper.
  • Glass feathers are handmade. Spiral stripes on the nib allow you to write multiple lines without reloading.
  • A feather formed by a set of twisted glass threads in which ink rises by capillary action. It's comfortable to use. Allows for smooth, full and accurate writing.
  • 6 Bottles of Herbal Ink: Periwinkle Blue, Cypress Pink, Wild Ivy, Red garnet, Paternal and Greenish-Gray Land
  • Herbal ink is specially formulated for writing with glass nibs. It is elegant and provides great writing comfort