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Metallic Colour 32ml - Ten Big Net Gambling regular platform Malta

Metallic Color 32ml


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Metallic Color is an innovative line of metallic colors, featuring water-based formulations, which companies use aluminum pigments in their production. The Metallic color range offers a wide range of hues to mimic the metallic finish of all types and eras of aircraft.

With extraordinary brightness and extraordinary reflective ability, it allows modelers to carry out a full range of painting techniques without resorting to enamels and lacquers.

It can be applied directly to the model using an airbrush or dilution withTen big network gambling regular platformSpray gun thinner or flow improver. Metallic colors dry quickly, maintaining minimal detail on the model, and form an even self-leveling layer with extraordinary resistance after a few hours of application. Metallic colors can be directly colored in the airbrush cup using colors from model air or game air ranges. You can also apply it with a brush. You are advised to set the compressor toTen big network gambling regular platformThe color is about 15-20 Psi or 0.5-1 kg.

It is advisable, in the case of the fuselage and model aircraft parts, to apply a glossy black primer, 60ml / 2.02 fl oz bottle (ref. 73.660) and 200ml / 6.76 fl oz(ref. 74.With hinged lid and dropper to enhance the characteristics of the aluminum curtain.

Metallic colors dry quickly, but it is recommended to wait 12 hours after use before applying any paint mask. Also available with Glossy Metallic Varnish 60ml / 2.02 fl oz bottle (ref. 26.657) with hinged lid and dropper. In order to maintain the gun properly,Ten big network gambling regular platformA Vallejo spray cleaner is recommended.

Each bottle is 32ml.08 fl oz bottle with hinged lid and dropper closed. Included are stainless steel stirring balls to improve paint mixing.