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Pebeo 4 Artist Mark, Oil Mark, Metal Set 5 x 4mm - Top Ten Gambling regular platform Malta

Pebeo 4 Artist Marker, Oil Paint Marker, Metal Setting 5 x 4mm


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 Pebeo 4Artist Marking Line offers bright, highly tinted oil pastels with a high-gloss finish and paint-like texture in marker. These artist-grade markers are applied smoothly and dry quickly and evenly with a scratch-free finish. Just like oil paints, both wet and dry colors can be recreated using 4Artist labeled unscented media to create a range of shadows, most of themTen big network gambling regular platformColor gradient and fade effect. Permanent and colourless, they are ideal for painting, outlining, large area filling, glazing, multimedia use, and more.

This metallic suit contains 5 colors at 4mm tip: white, black, Silver, Copper, and gold. Associated Press certification.


Before using for the first time, you need to have:

- Shake the marker firmly and close the lid to circulate the ball。

- Then, on a piece of paper, press the tip of the pen a few times to saturate the paper with the paint.

These tags allow you in mostTen big network gambling regular platformDraw exactly on. They are perfect for creating on canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, porcelain, plaster, mineral materials, etc.

The result is porousTen big network gambling regular platformIt's not so bright up there. Avoid theseTen big network gambling regular platformFor tarnish, a coat of Bindex or water-based varnish is recommended.                                      

Ideal for mixing media, 4 Artist markers can be used for fine and graphic art pigments (oils, acrylics and their auxiliaries, inks, etc.) or specialized coatings such as ceramics, Vitrail, Gedeo resins, prisms and moon effect pigments. A coat of Bindex or 4ARTIST MARKER varnish is recommended over the paint before using the marker.

To achieve a splash or dripping effect, the wick should be "oversoaked" with paint and then shaken. This is easier with 8mm and 15mm wicks. To do this, take care to protect yourself from eye contact, wipe the wick holder and regain control of the flow of paint before closing the marker.