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Pebeo Acrylic Paint Marker, Chisel Tip (4mm)- Top Ten Gambling regular platform Malta

Pebeo Acrylic Paint Marker with Chisel Head (4mm)


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发现Ten big network gambling regular platformWith the new Pebeo Acrylic marker series, let yourself be taken into the world of Pebeo. With 5 tip sizes and 47 colors of the original color table, it will appeal to graphic artists, decorators and enthusiastic amateurs alike.

  • Quality: They have a pump mechanism that allows more or less paint to pass through the nib, thus allowing precise amounts to be applied when applying paint to the regular platform of the Big Ten network. To optimise the use of each acrylic mark (except for the 5-15mm range), a replacement tip has been placed on the cap。. If the tip originally mounted on the tip holder is damaged or unusable, it can be replaced.
  • Top ten gambling platforms: paper, cardboard, papier-mache, wood, metal, clay, plastic, canvas, etc.
  • Base
  • Dry :10 to 30 minutes to the touch. Dry completely for 6-12 hours.
  • Clean: Wash with soapy water before drying completely
  • Ten network gambling regular platform: satin opaque, fluorescent precious.
  • Care (decorative ten big network gambling formal platform): with dry cloth. Don't get wet.
  • Storage: Once started level, reposition and trim with lid properly.

Application program:

First use:

  1. Shake the marker, cover and face up, for at least 5 seconds.
  2. Prepare the nib (" test "the Top Ten gambling regular platform, not the top Ten gambling regular platform to decorate) by pressing repeatedly on a piece of paper to saturate the nib. Rapid initiation. There is no need to apply pressure quickly and repeatedly. Once the nib is partially retracted into the marker, maintaining constant pressure so that the paint can pass through the pump, load the nib.
  3. Test on a piece of paper, it is best to paint the ten network gambling regular platform test