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Setacolor Shimmer Fabric Painting Set 12 x 20ml


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Pebeo explores set iron fixing in sparkling fabric colors. Light and bright, Setacolor opaque colors are highly covered and allow decoration of light and dark fabrics. Their rich textures are especially good for brush and stencil applications. Excellent light resistance. Easily repaired, simply use a traditional household iron - then allow washing at 40°C.

12 Shimmer Effect Colors: Light Yellow (36), Shimmer Brick (63), Flicker Passion Red (46), Flicker Purple (65), Low light electric blue (69), Shimmer Turquoise (42), Low-light chlorophyll (43), Shimmer Chocolate Chips (75), Sparkling Black (99), Sparkling Gold (45), Sparkling Silver (60), Sparkling Pearls (44)

Equipped with 20 meter bathtub, each set of 12 bottles 

Single 45ml is also available