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Setacolor Light Start Fabric Painting Set 6 x 20ml - Top Ten Net Gambling Regular Platform Malta

Setacolor Light Start Fabric Painting Set 6 x 20ml


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A set of 6 Pebeo Setacolor light colored fabric paintings. Pebeo Setacolor Light is a water base color used to decorate most light and delicate fabrics. The colors look vibrant, matte and luminous. With its lightweight texture, Setacolor light does not alter the fabric's flexibility and finesse.  Heat Set - You can set setcolor by ironing the back of the painted fabric (after allowing it to air dry) for 6 minutes. You can also place the coated fabric in a household oven at 150°C(stable temperature) for 5 minutes to set the color。. The color resists 40°C(100°F) machine or hand washing after curing for 48 hours.

Included: Lemon yellow, red, Burgundy, cobalt blue, moss green and black.


Available in 20 meter bathtub, set of 6 

Single 45ml is also available